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FRANCIS LUIS MORA, N.A. (1874-1940)

The F. Luis Mora Project plans to publish the artist's biography and Catalogue Raisonne.

Towards these goals, we seek information about the following:

  • The whereabouts of his paintings, watercolors, drawings and original prints. These can be emailed to


  • Any personal papers, photos or anecdotal information.


  • STUDENTS: The whereabouts of Luis' many students (if living), and their heirs.


  • FRIENDS: The whereabouts of the heirs of Luis' many friends in the USA and Spain.


  • THE MORA FAMILY:  The whereabouts of Francis Luis Mora's extended family in Spain, France and USA.  Also, we are seeking the whereabouts of the Gaillard family.  Laura Gaillard, Luis' Mother, was born in Bordeaux, France, a member of the Bacardi Family from Santiago de Cuba.  F. Luis Mora's father was Domingo Mora (1840-1911), born and studied art in Barcelona, was director of the Montevideo, Uruguay Museum of Art, and lived in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California where he died.




Our intention is to include everyone who had an impact on Luis' life and art.

Thank you. Please email us by clicking the link below.